Walk Off the Weight

There has been a lot of research done into the value of daily exercise over the years and the conclusions are undeniably in favor of doing more. While there are lots of ways to get your daily dose of physical activity, one of the easiest and most enjoyable is simple walking.

Of course there are different levels of walking, from a slow, lazy stroll to a brisk, determined march and plenty of variations in between these two extremes. This article takes a look at the value of walking for people who need to get more activity in their lives but simply don't have the time, energy or desire to get it in the gym.

Doing it for a Slimmer Body

walkingWanting to lose weight and having to lose it are two very different things. While the former is a conscious decision made about changing the way you are, the latter is an enforced situation that you have little control over.

Losing weight should be something that is consciously chosen and then worked at in the best way that suits the person doing it. For instance, a person can actually walk for weight loss if they put their mind to it because even walking is a form of exercise when it is done properly.

Make Every Step Count

In this sense, when you walk with a true purpose and increase your pace to a brisk and invigorating one, then you will force up your breathing and heart rate and cause your body to burn more fuel to keep you going. The idea is to keep going for long enough so that body literally runs out of the fuel it has for immediate use and is forced to take from its store, which is the fat you have been keeping all this time, to power those muscles.

This usually happens after about twenty minutes of sustained exercise at that elevated level. The idea is to literally make every step count toward your overall increase in strength, stamina and energy burning.

Stepping Away the Calories

The whole idea of course is to burn more energy and getting your body into a more active mode is certainly the best ay to do this. The longer and faster you can walk for, the more energy your body is going to expend in doing so. That equates to burning more calories.

By using up more of the stored energy in your body, you eventually deplete all the glucose in your bloodstream. Once that happens, your body will be forced to get its energy from its store of fat. This is a normal process and it is actually what you are aiming for.

The longer you walk, the more energy your body will need and the more fat it will burn. Now it might seem like you can get rid a lot of fat by walking really fast for 10 miles, but surprisingly, a little fat can power the body for a very long time!

But when you do this every day for several weeks, then you will definitely see a marked difference in your body's fat store. This is one excellent way to walk yourself to a lighter, slimmer body while improving your fitness and health at the same time!