Respiratory Problems Solved Naturally

There are a huge number of people that suffer from breathing ailments that can benefit from a natural treatment like salt air therapy or speleotherapy.

This simple remedy consists of nothing more than breathing salty air deeply into the lungs and allowing it to course through the entire respiratory system.

There are several ways of applying this kind of therapy which I shall cover in this article. First, let's take a look at how it became known as a means of treating a wide range of breathing conditions.

How Speleotherapy Came About

speleotherapyThe traditional method of treating respiratory diseases and conditions such as COPD, asthma and bronchitis was to take an extended break from the workplace and visit a salt mine or the seaside where the air tends to be more heavily laden with salt particles than in other places.

The actual treatment came into being because it was noticed that people who were suffering from problems with their breathing started to feel better after a prolonged stay at the seaside or in the case of inland areas with no easy access to the shore, a salt mine.

Salt mines were initially used as correction centres for criminals much the same way as we use jails today. When it became apparent that certain prisoners who had breathing complaints were starting to feel better, a new use for these disused mines materialised.

In the UK, miners and factory workers who were exposed to a whole range of airborne toxins in the early days of the industrial revolution became ill with respiratory illnesses. But many expressed varying degrees of relief during their annual vacation break when they and their families visited a seaside town for a week or more.

How Speleotherapy Can Help You

These days, it is not necessary to visit the seaside or spend your annual holidays locked up in a salt mine to gain the benefit of this wholly natural form of physical bronchial therapy. It is possible to purchase a small device that has come to be known as a "salt pipe inhaler" that can provide all the salty air your bronchial system needs to treat your particular problem.

There are several very good salt pipe inhaler reviews such as that one highlighted that explain in great detail how these devices work, so I won't bore you with the minute details.

How It Works

Suffice it to say that you simply breathe in deeply through the device, or pipe and this draws salty air deep into your lungs. You then breathe out through your nose, which passes the salty air out through your sinuses and nasal passageways to complete the treatment as you repeat this action many times over, generally for around fifteen minutes each day.

The active ingredient in the air (sodium chloride) passed through the breathing system helps to cleanse the airways of debris while fighting off bacteria and other disease causing microbes while helping the system to expel toxins. This all helps to reduce inflammation in the airway membranes which results in easier breathing, less coughing and a general feeling of wellness.

Please note that these devices, while able to help reduce symptoms of many breathing conditions should not be used as a direct replacement for a medicated inhaler or other medications prescribed by your doctor. It is to be used to compliment your medications so that you are not quite so heavily reliant on them, meaning that in many cases they can be used less often which can only be a good thing as this lessens any side effects that they are associated with.

Lastly, speleotherapy has zero side-effects and is not addictive in any way. It is not possible to overdose although moderation of use is recommended as with all things to enjoy the best results.