That Tired Feeling

Chronic fatigue, stress and tiredness are common problems afflicting millions of people every day. Often, they have no obvious cause, but when you dig a little deeper into the lifestyle and personal habits of the individual, a patter often emerges that gives some obvious clues as to what may be the cause. While all cases should be taken on an individual basis as we all have different lifestyles and personal circumstances that can trigger these problems, there are also some fairly general causes that can be looked for.

Stress in the Workplace

Stress brought on by circumstances in the workplace can be attributed to a wide range of personal problems, many of which may seem totally unrelated at first glance. Extreme tiredness and fatigue can often be attributed to exposure to lengthy periods of extremely stressful conditions at work as they have a debilitating effect on the physical body as well as the mental state.

While it is not always possible to avoid certain situations at work, your personal response to them can be modified in some way. When faced with a situation where people are arguing over some hotly contested incident, unless you are directly drawn into the argument because you are either an expert in that area or your actions have in some way caused or affected that incident, your best line of defense is to take a step back and try not to get directly involved. Arguing is a stressful situation in itself and if you can avoid becoming embroiled in any argument, you can reduce your own stress levels quite considerably.

If you feel yourself becoming hot, angry or frustrated with the situation, take three very slow, very deep breaths and as you exhale, say to yourself silently the word, "R-E-L-A-X" and imagine all that tension leaving your body. This simple technique is very effective at reducing stress and enabling you to think more clearly and that can enable you to arrive at workable solutions that being angry or having your mind's thought processes frozen by stress would prevent you from.