Courses for both the public and other therapists such as those qualified in massage, natural healing and alternative remedies are being put together currently. Watch this space for notification of coming courses as they are prepared and uploaded.

Alternative Health Courses

Alternative health courses can offer you the unique chance to change your life's working direction. If a career change into alternative health or natural health is on your agenda, then you've come to the right place. Here at Eternal Health Concepts, we are developing a range of high calibre alternative health courses to suit the sphere of interest of a wide variety of people. We are preparing courses in subjects ranging from hands on therapies like Reflexology and Indian Head Massage to relaxation therapies like Hypnotherapy and Colour Therapy.

These courses are designed to be easy to follow and the techniques are straightforward to learn. What sets these apart from the run of the mill courses you may find elsewhere is that all of the courses are compiled as a single self study electronic book.


Once we get the courses installed, we will list them on ther own separate section of the site. You will be able to browse through to find the alternative health course that you wish to purchase. This will be made as simple as possible, with full instructions right there on the page for you.