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Your Own Health Calendar

There is one aspect to personal health that is important to be mindful of and that's how much time each day you spend on your own general health. Most of us don't really give it a second thought most of the time, only getting memory jabs every so often when we read something like this website or we happen to notice ourselves in a mirror looking a little older, or a little fatter than the image we have in our minds of what we ought to look like.

It's quite amazing really, how a person can use the bathroom several times every day and always stand in front of the mirror behind the sink while they're washing their hands and not notice themselves in that reflection! Sure, you say of course we notice ourselves. But when we are looking, we're often not really paying much attention unless there is something really different like a pimple that magically appears and stands out like a beacon!

What we need to do is to pay more attention to the way we look. Not from the standpoint of pure vanity, but from our health and how we are looking each time we see ourselves. We should focus our attention on our reflection and ask ourselves a few questions. Such as:

They are just a few thing that should crop up when we take a little time to study our faces and the telltale signs they are giving us about the overall state of our physical health.