What is the Best Shapewear for Women?

There is a secret to the slimmer figure that celebrities keep to themselves. Shapewear undergarments help create their slim appearance. Now you can get it too!

Surprisingly comfortable and almost invisible contouring underwear is available and on sale online and this article is gong to revel to you one of the best names in shapewear for women.

What is Shapewear?

shapewearFor those that haven't heard about this amazing revolution in women's body shaping underwear, modern shape wear is the vastly superior evolutionary result of modified and improved design in what past generations used to wear to "hold themselves in" and look slimmer, better known as corsets or girdles.

While the latest styles bear little resemblance to their forebears, they have a common goal which is to help make you appear slimmer!

The big difference is that where the old style girdles and corsets used to be uncomfortably restrictive and in some cases painfully uncomfortable, modern shape wear is comfortable. It improves blood flow in the areas targeted and gently smoothes and firms the natural shape, resulting in firmer, slimmer looking figures.

Which Brand is the Best?

There are several brands of body shapewear for women available in stores with prices varying according to the quality of the garments and their ability to achieve the slimmer figures they are designed for. Some are cheaper and less effective and these should be avoided if possible.

One of the latest and most exciting new brands to hit the stores is:

Pelham and Strutt

This is a high quality brand that produces some of the best body contouring under-garments for both men and women. Prices are surprisingly affordable considering the high level of quality you get from their garments.

This is a brand well worth checking out for yourself if you are looking for a combination of gentle, natural looking firming and comfort. The official Pelham and Strutt website can be opened by clicking the advertisement below:

Does Shapewear Help you Lose Weight?

shapewear for womenNot directly, although the increased blood flow created by the garments can help in that area when combined with a good diet.

In fact, this type of underclothing is the perfect accompaniment to a weight loss diet. This is because the diet itself is what will help you to lose the weight and reduce your body fat levels while the firming effect of the garments helps improve your physical appearance, posture and slimness.

For many users and in particular celebrities, it represents an easy way of removing the appearance of those last inches to go before the diet has completed. That way, they can step out into the public eye looking slimmer and healthier keeping their secret to themselves with a knowing smile.

What Materials Are Used?

Up to the minute materials such as lycra are used in the manufacture of Pelham and Strutt shapewear undergarments. This means the garments are very strong yet the material is surprisingly very thin to the touch.

This makes them almost invisible when worn underneath your clothes. The tightening and firming is achieved by clever fabric design that pulls the skin in without feeling restrictive in any way.

Can Anyone Wear These Amazing Body Contouring Undergarments?

No. If you are excessively overweight and carrying a high level of body fat, these garments will not make you look slim! They may still help to reduce your appearance in some measure, but the underlying body shape will not be as flattering as it would be for someone who was only moderately overweight.

It is recommended that you try to lose as much weight as you can naturally through eating a calorie controlled diet and doing some exercise to help tone up your muscles and improve fitness.

These underclothes are designed to help improve your posture and provide the appearance of reducing your physical size through contouring. They will not cause your physical size to be reduced. When you remove the garments, your natural shape will still be the same as before.

You can get more information and decide for yourself if this provides the solution you are seeking by visiting the official Pelham and Strutt website by clicking the advertisement above. You do not have to buy any of the shapewear garments while you are there if you do not believe they will help you to improve your posture and your figure.