If there is one thing that affects us all it is the aging process of our bodies and as far as medical science knows, there is no effective means to halt that process. But you can slow it down a little by making use of some great advice that you can find on maintaining good health by eating the right foods and getting sufficient daily exercise.

This section of the site looks at several aspects of the body's progressive aging process and some of the ways ingenious people have discovered that can slow their physical age progression down. They almost miraculously seem to have maintained their youthful looks into advanced age, so we look at how they claim they did it.

The Secret to a Youthful Healthy Body

There are two main lines of attack you can easily follow each day to improve your body's ability to counter the aging process while keeping it loo0king younger and you feeling better. They are:


The old saying "You are what you eat," is a very poignant one when it comes to what you put into your body and how it responds. A healthy eating regimen not only gives you more energy, boosts your vitality and simply makes you feel great. It also slows down the body's process of breaking down as it gets older.

The right fuel for the body consists of lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, buts, pulses and healthy fats (oils) combined with protein-rich foods such as lean meat and fish for non-vegetarians or vegans. Surprisingly though, dropping meat from the diet is a surprisingly potent way of helping the body to stay younger for longer.

Sure, it can be tough changing from a life-long carnivore to eating only a plant-based diet and many people simply don't have the strength and discipline to do it. That's fine if you don't want to change and carry on growing old at the rate most people do.

But hey, you're reading this, so I take it you're interested in not growing old quite so quickly! Well, why not embrace a meat-free diet and do your body a great big favor?

You don't necessarily have to become a vegan if you don't want to go to that extreme. Being vegetarian is a big change in itself and comes with a lot of health benefits that you'll discover as you read more articles in this section.


Getting a reasonable amount of daily exercise helps your body burn off any excess fuel to prevent it storing too much excess fat, while toning and strengthening the muscles to produce a better shape and great looks.

Exercise also helps improve mood by boosting the body's production of the feel-good hormone serotonin. It also makes for a happier person, who is generally a healthier one, being less prone to form age-lines on their face and develop an "old" appearance before their time.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to join a gym unless you want to. You can get great exercise simply walking for an hour in the fresh air each day, or taking a swim at the local pool, or playing an easy-going sport with some friends. There are tons of options in this area and you only need to do what you enjoy doing as long as its enough and you do something each day.

There are more aspects to youthfulness and great health in addition to the two above, which I'll briefly cover below:

Colon Health

This goes hand-in-hand with diet and basically means you can maintain a healthy colon as long as you eat a healthy diet. That means no junk food, cutting down on foods high in sugars (especially high fructose corn syrup - HFCS) and stopping drinking soda and other flavored sugary drinks.

You should increase the kinds of foods that are high in fiber which include most leafy green vegetables, fruits and pulses. There is another very important point that follows on to this:


Drinking plenty of water each day with help your body remain properly hydrated and that has several key benefits to staying young looking. They are:

Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of plain water every day - more if you want. A great way to wean yourself away from soda is to get a large bottle, add the juice of a lemon and fill it to the top with plain water, then keep it in the fridge. Pour yourself a glass every so often when you feel thirsty and it tastes great!

OK, these are just some of the ways to help your body to remain younger and healthier (the two tend to go together). There is much more in the additional articles in this section, the titles of which you'll find below.